More needs to be done to address racism in SA: analyst

Clicks is the latest retailer to face backlash over racially charged advertising. Tessa Dooms, Political and Social Analyst speaks to eNCA. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Social and political analyst, Tessa Dooms, says more real work must be done to address racism in democratic South Africa.

Dooms says there is more to ending racism than hosting charity matches and changing an anthem.

"When we play representation politics by numbers rather than by substantive issues and views about the world through ideological lenses then all we might be doing is creating a false sense of inclusion, false sense of unity, and false sense of change.

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"That is not ideal for our society, we have gone through these kinds of phases over and over again in the last 26 years," said Dooms

Clicks is the latest retailer that has landed in hot water, this time over a racially charged hair product advert.

The EFF trashed several stores after an advert labelled natural black hair as dry, damaged, frizzy and dull while white natural hair was labelled as fine, flat, and normal