Mugabe Exhumation | Traditional court has no jurisdiction- Commentator

A Zimbabwe traditional chief has ordered former first lady, Grace Mugabe, to exhume the body of late former president, Robert Mugabe, for reburial at the national heroes’ acre in Harare. Social commentator Alexander Rusero speaks to #eNCA on #DStv403 #AllAngles

JOHANNESBURG - A traditional chief in Zimbabwe has ordered former first lady, Grace Mugabe, to exhume the body of late former president, Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe's remains are to be reburied at the national heroes’ acre in Harare.

On Monday, the traditional court found her guilty of breaking with tradition when she buried him in Kutama, where his late mother is laid to rest.

Social commentator Alexander Rusero says he does not believe the traditional court has any jurisdiction in the matter.

He says this may be Zanu-PF's attempt to reclaim Mugabe's legacy. Rusero says that there have been claims of a knobkerrie, which Mugabe had which is deemed to have carried spiritual powers.

"Remember Zimbabwe is very spiritual," says Rusero.

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"The liberation struggle was also fought hand in glove with spiritual mediums giving guidance," he adds.

Rusero says it explains the recent unveiling of the statue of Mbuya Nehanda from he first Chimurenga. ZANU-PF burying Mugabe at Heroes Acre would be fit for them to claim his legacy.

"It is not about the wishes of Robert Mugabe," says Rusero.

He adds that this reburial goes with the old adage 'what goes around, comes around.' Mugabe has, in the past forcefully buried people at Heroes Acre in the past. A person who did not want to be buried, but was done so by force, was ZANU-PF's founding secretary, Edgar Tekere.

"Unfortunately, the dead cannot control the living," Rusero.

According to him, if ZANU-PF wants to impose themselves, there truth is, no one can stop it for now.

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