Political campaigns heat up

In less than a month South Africans will cast their votes for local government representatives. For analysis on the election campaigns so far, we're joined by political analyst, Naledi Modise. Courtesy of #DSTv403

JOHANNESBURG - As political parties try to woo voters during weekend campaigns, at least one analyst says the ANC has its work cut out for it.

Some political parties are taking advantage of the ANC's internal issues, stepping into the party's former strongholds.

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Political analyst,  Naledi Modise, says the ANC has the tough task of cementing confidence in these areas.

"I think it speaks to how emboldened smaller parties are with regards to knowing the ANC has underperformed in a lot of the municipalities across the country. They feel that it's time for them to go into former ANC strongholds to look at gaining more support," she said.


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