Prisons part of the crime problem: activist

JOHANNESBURG - Prisons are part of the crime problem and not the solution according to the Incarceration Nations Network, a worldwide coalition for global justice and prison reform.

The organisation said there have to be revolutionary reforms.

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The network's, Baz Dreisinger said prisons generally have a recidivism rate of between 60-70% across the world, indicating a systemic issue.

"If any company were run on the sort of numbers that prisons are run on, it would be shut down immediately. It's really about the fundamental, systemic causes of harm and violence in societies and then when they occur trying to find innovative ways of dealing with them," Dreisinger said.

Dreisinger said that offenders who have caused dramatic harm should be placed where they are not able to harm others, however, she stated the overwhelming number of people in prison are arrested for petty offences.