The sad truth about the Catzavelos video

by Andrew D'Ercole

I don’t know much about Adam Catzavelos besides the fact that he’s a disgusting racist. But what I do know is that he’s privileged, and that privilege has made him arrogant and powerful. So powerful that he thinks he can say and do what he wants and get away with it every time. That’s the entitlement that white privilege brings. 

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Not once did he think that anyone in his similarly privileged circle would challenge his sickening viewpoint. Chances are, most of them either agree or would prefer not to challenge him. 

He’s lived in a bubble of self-righteous privilege and gotten away with asserting his white supremacist views, so why not again, on a beach, filled with white people, in Greece, so far away from the millions of poor black South Africans who will never know what it’s like to go on holiday, let alone on a Greek island? His bubble has now been burst. 

When he eventually breaks his silence, he’ll try to do damage control and say he’s never used the k-word before, probably blame it on the sun and booze, possibly a traumatic past experience, but he won’t fool any of us. 

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The reality is that the very black people he’s insulted will be the ones who will suffer the most as a consequence of his actions. As his boycotted businesses suffer financially, it’s his black staff who are likely to lose their jobs. And that’s the sad irony. 

Adam Catzavelos posted a video of himself on a Greek beach. In it, he expresses his joy at not seeing a single black person and uses the k-word.

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