A sign of the times?

Some of apartheid's leaders are still on our streets.

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's cities are changing in all sorts of ways.

But here's the thing -- some of apartheid's leaders are still on our streets.

That's right. Several South African roads pay tribute to former prime ministers.

One of them is John Vorster.

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In fact, his name has pride of place on Johannesburg's West Rand.

The question, of course: What is it doing there?

History professor Noor Nieftagodien says street names define our communities.

"So when we change the names of buildings, of street names, of schools and so on at one level, we are making a symbolic, an important symbolic intervention, to say these urban areas must now reflect the fact that black people belong here," said Nieftagodien.

"That this is also our place."

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Johannesburg has renamed several streets over the years. But John Vorster remains.

Eric Itzkin is the deputy director of Immovable Heritage for the City of Joburg. 

"We need to work on removing names that are hurtful," he said.

"If people call for renaming there are processes dealing with that.

"The city can initiate those moves, we have done that with a whole number of places."