Call for more action against Bain & Co

The controversial management consultancy, Bain and Company has been banned from tendering for government contracts in the UK. This for its involvement in corruption at the South African Revenue Service. eNCA speaks to former senior partner at Bain, Athol Williams. Courtesy #DStv403Show less


JOHANNESBURG - The UK government's decision to ban controversial management consultancy Bain and Company raises questions about South Africa's government.

This is according to whistleblower, Athol Williams.

Bain and Co has been barred from tendering for government contracts for its involvement in state capture.

Williams says South Africa should be embarrassed for failing to act.

He's welcomed the UK government's decision saying it's the right step to hold wrongdoers accountable.

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"This decision shows that the UK government is taking seriously the idea that Bain has shown professional misconduct, and the involvement in state capture hasn't just been at SARS."

"I think, shouldn't this embarrass the SA government because it has had this information for years now and done nothing," Williams said.

"I think this is a big moment for global companies because it says no matter where you operate in the world if you commit wrongful acts the UK will hold you accountable.

"I think it's a powerful step forward for human rights around the world. It does raise questions about the SA government about why it's not taking action."


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