WATCH: Boks victory not a panacea for unity

The Springboks have certainly made South Africa proud this week with some saying they've united the nation. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Springboks victory is not a panacea of unity.

Diversity specialist, Teresa Oakley-Smith says not enough is being done for transformation in rugby despite the number of black players.

“These moments of hope, it reminds me of the 2010 football tournament, the World Cup that was held here. We had again, the media hyping up this 'we are united'...but I can tell you in places where it really matters, in the workplaces, in many of the schools, this kind of unity, false unity isn't seen,” she said.

Oakley-Smith argues that a victory should not lead South Africans to believe we are united.

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“We're not united. There are 8 % of White South Africans in this country, there are 90 % of African and Coloured South Africans and that is not reflected in the demographics of our rugby team. Neither is it applauded in the emblem of our rugby team, the Springboks emblem is seen as a racist and colonialist emblem.”

She said unity in South Africa would demand more than just historical moments.

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While basking in the glory of the World Cup win, the outgoing Springboks coach and his captain are also being measured in terms of the diversity debate. Courtesy #DStv403