Why are men so angry?

The panel asks, what make men and boys so angry?

JOHANNESBURG - Violence against women in South Africa was brought home by the assault video of singer Babes Wodumo and then by the shocking rape of a grade eight pupil, allegedly by three boys. 

A panel of experts discussed violence and anger directed against and perpetrated by men.

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Baba Buntu, founding director at Ebukhosini Solutions, said the loss of power by men because of the invasion of the African continent for hundreds of years means there is misplaced anger taken out on women.

"We don't know who else to take it out against. It's not a justified reason. We often hurt those we are supposed to love, those who we are supposed to honour because we don't know how to get to the instigator.

"We don't know how to place our anger where it actually belongs," Buntu said.

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Dr Mbulelo Dyasi who's the Brother's for Life Ambassador said no one is ready to listen to men who have been victims of sexual and domestic violence.

"If the country is not prepared to listen to men we must expect more disaster," Dyasi said.

Clinical psychologist, Khosi Jiyane asked how could socio-cultural scripts be changed so violence is not the acceptable response to situations.


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