Women's Day | Calls to deal with GBV

Women in South Africa are living in fear as we mark Women's Day. Gender-based violence is worse than ever. Gender politics professor Amanda Gouws says the government talks about the violence as if it's something external, like a plague. eNCA speaks to Professor Gouws for more. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - There's nothing to celebrate on Women's Day, says gender politics professor Amanda Gouws.

She said South African women live in fear every day of the year.

WATCH: SA women live in fear

"I think it's difficult when there's nothing positive to celebrate and we've seen that we've made little progress with gender equality," Gouws said.

"The commission for gender equality is dysfunctional and gender-based violence specifically rape is out of control so what do we really celebrate? We live in fear 365 days of the year of rape in SA."


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