'To boys who want to date my daughter'

This Dad’s slam poem may make you wish you had a father like him.

Jesse Parent, a slam poet, has a pretty clear message for any boy who may one day date his daughter.

“Since before her birth, since before my spark took hold and ignited the fire in her mother’s belly, I have been training to kill you,” Parent said.

“When you took your first steps I was prepared to make sure you never walked again. When you played at war, I was perfecting head shots, you can’t catch up at this point.”

He begins by sarcastically sprinkling in plenty of threats of bodily harm. The message later became a moving tribute to the unbreakable love he has for his daughter and the general awe he feels about raising a human being. At the very end of the video, he also makes sure any girls who may one day date his daughter know, “My wife is a better shot than I am”.

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