BMW lauds SA's IT skills

South African-trained IT technicians working for German automobile maker BMW are now sharing their skills with the company’s global operations. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - South African-trained IT technicians, working for German automobile maker BMW, are now sharing their skills with the company’s global operations.

Local technicians have exported some R1-billion in IT services to BMW facilities across 48 countries over the past year.

The company has lauded South Africa’s huge IT skills set.

The technicians support BMW’s operations in China, the US, Brazil, Germany and the UK.

The company says it’s committed to growing skills, knowledge and expertise in South Africa.

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“What we saw here was a huge skills set in SA. That was through the universities. IT is a huge element of training in SA. We see the skills set better than anywhere else in the world. Better than America, UK, Germany and China. It was obvious to bring the skills set here into SA,” said BMW Group SA CEO, Tim Abbott.

BMW says technology is becoming increasingly important in vehicles.

More than a thousand of its local personnel now work in IT-related services.

The company says due to its in-house South African software development capabilities it’s becoming a leading tech company.

BMW says over the next five years autonomous driving will become a key component in the development of the auto industry.