COVID-19: EC optimistic that economy won't be hurt

eNCA speaks to Adviser to the Eastern Cape Premier, Thobile Mbengashe. #eNCA #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The Eastern Cape Premier's office hopes new regulations in Nelson Mandela Bay will not impact the provincial economy.

The government says business will carry on if people stick to coronavirus safety protocols.

Nelson Mandela Bay is declared a COVID-19 hotspot.

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"We have shown that with the application of Level One restrictions, we can balance the management of businesses. If we all wear masks all the time, social distance and protect ourselves, that will balance the business activity in the province."

Meanwhile, Nelson Mandela Bay law enforcers are stepping up COVID-19 compliance patrols, amid a resurgence in coronavirus cases.

Holidaymakers, and those returning home for the festive break, can expect checks at malls, popular nightspots and roadblocks across the city.

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Officials say most businesses seem to be complying with the new regulations for alcohol sales, and the 10pm curfew.

Watch the full interview in the video above.


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