Fuel price to go up on Wednesday

Videos of fuel-saving tabs have gone viral on social media. This as another fuel adjustment as been announced. Experts say motorists should be wary of unorthodox ways of saving fuel. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Brace for a massive fuel price increase from Wednesday.

This comes hot on the heels of a second week of Stage 6 power cuts.

Petrol is going up by a whopping R2.37 a litre for 93 octane while 95 octane will rise by R2.57.

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Diesel is going up by between R2.30 and R2.31.

Illuminating paraffin is also going up by R1.66 a litre.

Government says the main reasons for the increase are the rising crude oil prices, the rand/dollar exchange rate and the addition of levies that were halted as short-term relieve measure to address the fuel price increases.


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