WATCH | Fuel price hike to take effect from Wednesday

Not everyone is happy about the government's plan to deregulate the fuel price. The Fuel Retailers Association says the move will destroy transformation in the sector and prevent the emergence of new retailers. #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The petrol price will increase on Wednesday but motorists have been spared larger fuel price increases following the government's move to cut the fuel levy.

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Both grades of 93 petrol will go up by 28 cents a litre.

Customers at the pump will pay 36 cents more for 95 octane petrol

Diesel users will have to fork out up to R1.68 more.

Poor households using paraffin will be hit hard, having to pay R3.55 more for a litre.

The increases in petrol would have been R2/litre and diesel R3 if there had been no intervention.

eNCA's Devan Murugan has more on the fuel price. Courtesy of #DStv403


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