Impact of coronavirus on Corona beer sales

The word Corona will never be the same again. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - A brand expert says that Constellation Brands, which owns the Mexican-heritage beer label Corona, need a creative campaign to distance themselves from the Coronavirus.

The word Corona means crown and has given the virus its name.

This is because of the crown-like spikes on its surface when viewed under a microscope.

Until now, the connotation has been a positive one, with many companies using it in its branding.

The best known to be the beer brand, Corona.

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Brand Expert Solly Moeng says that the beer company must come up with smart campaigns that will distinguish it from the COVID-19 outbreak.

"It is up to the creatives to up with a smart campaign that will show the beautiful stories of the brand, where it has come from, people enjoying it and a bit of humour there." Moeng said.

Meanwhile, Constellation Brands Inc said sales of its Corona Extra beer remained strong in the United States in the four weeks to February 16, amid the rapid global spread of the coronavirus.

The Modelo Especial beer maker also said all units supporting its beer business are seeing positive sales trends for the brand thus far in 2020 despite claims about the impact of the coronavirus on its business.

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There have been a few media reports inaccurately claiming sales of the beer were being impacted by the virus, a Constellation spokesperson said.

"We've seen no impact to our people, facilities or operations and our business continues to perform very well," Chief Executive Officer Bill Newlands said in a statement.

Newlands added the company does not have much exposure to international markets such as China that have been most impacted by the outbreak.

The epidemic has killed over 2,700 and infected at least 80,000 people, most of them in China.

- Additional reporting by Reuters


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