Numsa Strike | Employees urged to take offer

Metalworker union NUMSA has rejected a revised offer of a 6% increase for artisans over three years. SEIFSA CEO Lucio Trentini speaks to #eNCA Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - An indefinite strike by steelworkers over wages is now in its second week with increasing concerns about retrenchments in the sector.

Steel employer body SEIFSA is urging striking workers to accept its offer in which lowest-paid employees will get a 6% increase in wages and higher-skilled employees a 5% increase.

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However, NUMSA has refused saying the pay rise should not be calculated on minimums but rather on the actual rates of pay.

Workers have lost R100 million in collective wages and the sector has lost about R500 million in revenue.

SEIFSA says its offer is significantly above the minimum wage.

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