Makhura launches Gauteng Township Retail Programme


JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Premier David Makhura has launched the Gauteng Township Retail Programme.

It forms part of the provincial government’s plans to empower individuals with economic opportunities. 

Makhura says the next phase will be focus on manufacturers in townships.

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"I want to say it’s a great day. How many businesses are we going to be supporting retail businesses? There are 15,000 in the whole province of Gauteng," Makhura said.

"15,000 retail businesses we have started with 80 of them there are 3,000 of them in Katlehong. Those shops in our communities all of them are going to be supported by this system we have a fund... so that out townships businesses can thrive.

"We start with the retail sector. So when we are done we are going to follow and we are going to go to all the regions the next programme we will focus on is the manufacturers in our townships."


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