Renowned economist says global markets are key for SA

JOHANNESBURG - Business and government leaders gathered in the Drakensberg to discuss the country's slowing economy.

The Kgalema Motlanthe Foundation hosted the 3-day Inclusive Growth Forum.

Peruvian economist Dr Hernando De Soto says entrepreneurs must look beyond their borders.


"There's no prosperity in local. Local markets involve very small quantities of people to deliver to. The people we agreed to are those who can scale up, the people who can be in touch with wider market. In order to get equality is to get the right to be able to benefit from the input and output of various market.

"The whole world is made up of various global things. There's no way that you going to get by going locally until you globalise which does not mean that you will drop the local agenda. You are going to include them in the global society."