South Africans concerned technology poses risk to their jobs, survey

The digital world is expanding rapidly. Lockdown has seen more people working from home. And a new survey has revealed that globally, 60% of workers are worried that technology will put their jobs at risk #eNCA​ Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Unequal access to career and training opportunities in the digital space is still a reality.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed this divide as more people have been forced to work from home.

A large percentage of people surveyed by PWC are concerned about their working conditions and many fear their jobs are at risks due to technology.

However, they are willing to embrace new opportunities under the so-called new normal and are prepared to seek more training.

They also welcome government intervention to provide such learning opportunities.

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"People are now deeply aware of the fact that their lives, especially their work will be influenced by technology," says Barry Voster, PWC HR, technology and culture leader.

"What's come to the fore is that COVID-19 has truly put a spotlight on what a technology-infused future would look like," he adds.

PWC surveyed 32,000 people where, a large number of people were concerned, whilst others were enthusiastic and open about joining the opportunities out there.

Voster says that South Africans feel they have received more learning opportunities than their counterparts in the rest of the world.

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