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We're living in a time where it's commonplace for marketers and brand custodians alike to make claims of being 'the best.' The result is that at the slightest mention of the word ‘best’, audiences inevitably tune-out.

Cognisant of this, African Bank broke with the trend instead of bucking it — by rewriting the narrative with the introduction of SA's best investment rate of 13.33%*, which comes with the 60 Month Fixed Deposit investment vehicle..

In the brand's latest launch of the aforementioned product, it ran a new TVC spot whose commentary sheds light on the tendency of some people to "always give the best" — from corporate ladder climbers, to stay at home parents, to up-and-coming thought leaders ,and to leaders of industry — which is followed up by the thought provoking question, "But who returns it?", itself a pun on ROI and the capacity to respond in kind. This brief moment of reflection allows both the montage narrative’s featured protagonist (a conscientious investor who wants to grow her wealth to advance lives) and the viewer to consider the shortcomings of their current investment products that offer less — with the high likelihood of converting by investing online at www.africanbank.co.za as prompted by the on-screen call-to-action.

To watch this new TVC brought to you by African Bank for its Savings & Investment portfolio, go to https://www.africanbank.co.za/en/home/.



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