Unemployment burdens the youth

Yet another grim picture has been painted for South Africa as the country’s unemployment rate hit a new record high of 34.4%. The number of unemployed people has increased by 584,000 since the first quarter of 2021, reaching 7.8 million. Shahan Ramkissoon spoke to Dominic Brown, Economic Justice Programme Manager at the Alternative Information and Development Centre. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Young people are the biggest losers in the South African labour market.

According to Stats SA's second-quarter figures, nearly two-thirds of those aged 15 to 24 are unemployed and 42.9 percent of those aged 25 to 34 are unemployed.

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About 3.4 million out of 10.2 million young people aged 15 to 24 years were not in employment, education or training.

A youth employment advocacy group says there is no silver bullet, but we do need the power of a collective to overcome.


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