Wage negotiations stalled between public sector unions and govt

The gap between what the government is offering and what unions want remains big. Reuben Maleka, from the Public Servants Association of South Africa, discussed this with eNCA's Melitta Nglonkulu. Courtesy of #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Wage negotiations remain deadlocked between government and public sector unions as government strives to reduce the bloated wage bill.

There is a huge gap between what government is offering and what unions are asking for.

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The 1.3 million-strong workforce is demanding a 10-percent wage increase.

Government said it has not budgeted for this and has instead offered to extend the R1,000 after-tax cash gratuity coupled with a 1.5-percent pay progression.

The current offer that has been put forward is in line with the government’s commitment to contain the public sector wage bill which currently sits at R665-billion.


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