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eNews to launch in the UK

Posted on: Mon 08 Apr 2013

South Africa’s first independent 24 hour news service, the eNews Channel, can now confirm it will launch on the SKY digital satellite platform in the United Kingdom. The official launch date is still to be confirmed, but is expected to take place within a few weeks. Group Head of News, Patrick Conroy, says “This will give us access to over 10 million homes in the UK. What is really significant though is that we will have access to the South Africa expat community. If they want news from home it’s just a click away.”

eNews technical staff are still conducting tests on the signal to the UK. Head of Technical Operations for eNews, Rob Brown, says “Once we are happy everything is running smoothly we’ll give it the green light. We’re getting close to finalising the test phase.”

eNews will also unveil its new look when the channel launches in the UK.

“Due to our expansion we will have to rebrand our service to make it relevant to viewers abroad and here at home” says Conroy. “It will be more of a brand tweak than an overhaul, viewers need not be concerned. It will still be the same news service with the same content. The only difference will be our appearance”.
eNews will not be rebranding its Prime Time bulletin on or its Afrikaans language service on kykNET. “Those brands will remain as is” says Conroy “we are only rebranding the eNews Channel”.

Details of the reimaging will be made public in due course.

It was announced previously that eNews will also be launching its online offering by the end of 2012. The development of this service is progressing as scheduled and details will be released closer to the launch date of this service.

Historical Facts:

In 2007 formed a sister company, e.Sat TV. The following year e.Sat TV launched the eNews Channel on 1st June 2008. It is the most watched news service on the DStv bouquet.

In October 2009 eNews Africa was launched by e.Sat TV, It supplies news content to several Africa clients across the Continent as well as The Africa Channel which is also on the Sky digital satellite platform in the UK.
In 2010 eNuus was launched providing an Afrikaans language news service to kykNET viewers on DStv channel 111.

eNews Prime Time at 7pm on continues to grow its audience since it launched in 1999. It is the most watched English language news broadcast in South Africa with an average of 3 million viewers each night.