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Lance Witten will resume on air duties

Posted on: Mon 08 Apr 2013

eNews sport anchor, Lance Witten, will resume his on air duties from Thursday 22nd November. Witten was suspended after posting inappropriate tweets about the death of a young woman at a recent Linkin Park concert in Cape Town. News management suspended Witten the following morning.

In the interim a disciplinary inquiry was held. It was chaired by a senior manager from who is not involved in the news division. She felt Witten took full responsibility for the tweets, showed remorse and acknowledged the tweets were hurtful and inappropriate.

Witten will be required to attend social media training in the near future and received a written warning. Group Head of News Patrick Conroy says, “Lance Witten has been a model employee both on camera and behind the scenes. While his tweets were unacceptable the chairperson felt dismissal would be excessive. He has apologised and taken responsibility for his actions.”

Conroy added “We took the matter seriously and dealt with it speedily. We are satisfied with the internal disciplinary process, he has been sanctioned and we now consider this matter closed”.