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Posted on: Mon 06 May 2013


The M&G Health Journalism Centre finally has a name. It's Bhekisisa, which is appropriate on several fronts. Zulu patients who want to be thoroughly examined by a physician will often ask the doctor to bhekisisa them. The word means "to look at closely" or "to scrutinise". We speak to Mia Malan and Tanya Pamplone about how, based in the middle of a vibrant, influential newsroom means health stories are given prominence and resources.

We also discuss progress in the Transformation of the ad industry with Carlo Murison and Taelo Immanuel of Two Tone Global and Kaibe Molo of Yardstick. They also have strong thoughts on the growth potential in Africa for black owned agencies - that they have an inherent understanding of these new growth markets on the continent.

In the MAGGS-O-METER is Dove’s latest global viral video sensation. For the “Real Beauty Sketches” Dove hired a forensic artist trained with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation in an attempt to convince the women of the world of their real beauty... with a mixed reaction from audiences.

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