ANC faces tough questions on campaign trail

CAPE TOWN - The ANC is doing everything it can to attract votes from all quarters in the Western Cape.

The party has met with the Afrikaans community in Stellenbosch, discussing politics over a spit braai.

"The ANC realises today that whites too sacrificed for our freedom...  The history of the Afrikaaner, the English, the Portuguese, and German descendents, are as part of our history as the history of the Khoi, the San, the Malay, amaXhosa and the Griquas," said ANC provincial secretary Songezo Mjongile.

But it wasn&39;t a walk in the park. The community raised issues about transformation, employment equity, and the controversial Nkandla issue.

The ANC was quick to the defence, blaming corrupt contractors and government officials for the R250-million upgrade.

"These officials are so prone to corruption that they don&39;t even have respect for the President&39;s private home. And if you look at the Public Protector&39;s report, the issue of indirect benefit and the issue of corruption is two different things," said Mjongile.

Despite the overture, many played their cards close to their chests.

"Who you&39;re going to vote for is a personal matter. We came here tonight to ask some pressing questions to the ANC and we do with all the political parties. We were happy with some of the answers, while some of the (questions) went unanswered," said businessman Dirk Hattingh.

The ANC says it goes into the last week of campaign with a quiet confidence that it could wrest power from the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape.