Zuma speaks out about wife's rape

JOHANNESBURG - President Jacob Zuma spoke out for the first time about an incident in which one of his wives was raped at their Nkandla home.

Zuma opened up about the attack, during an ANC breakfast on Monday, while explaining the reasons for the security upgrade.

His comments sparked a twitter frenzy.

In 1998, the SABC reported that Zuma&39;s wife was sexually assaulted when a group of men broke into their home, before making off with some of the family&39;s personal belongings. Until now, the Zumas have never publically spoken about her ordeal.

The incident took place at Zuma&39;s Nkandla home when he was an MEC at the time.

Columnist Ranjeni Munusamy appeared sceptical regarding explanations that this detail was not included in the Public Protector&39;s report in order to protect the identity of the rape victim.

The majority of tweeters were wary of the timing of the announcement and expressed disdain for Zuma using the rape allegation to gain leverage prior to the election.

One tweeter, however, expressed support saying anyone whose wife is raped in their home would be sure to beef up their security.

Whether investigations were undertaken into the rape, and what the outcome was, is not known at this stage. 

However, if initial responses are anything to go by, the public&39;s focus will be on the timing of the announcement rather than the revelation of yet another rape in South Africa.