'Israel like Nazi Germany', says ANC


July 18, 2014: More than 1,200 Palestinian sympathisers descended on the Israeli Embassy Trade office in Sandton, Johannesburg, calling for the axing of the Israeli Ambassador to South Africa, a boycott of Israeli exports and divestment.

JOHANNESBURG - The ANC is sticking to its comments, comparing Israel’s actions in Gaza to Nazi Germany.

Today hundreds of people protested outside the Israeli Embassy Trade Office in Sandton.

They spent Mandela Day observing 67 seconds of silence, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

This comes as Israel continues its ground offensive in Gaza.

After Friday prayers busloads of Muslim worshippers descended on the Trade Office.

ANC veteran Ahmed Kathrada told the crowds: "The struggle has to continue until the Israeli occupation comes to an end."

Alan Horwitz of the Stop the Jewish National Fund said not all Jewish people believe in an Israeli state.

"The rest of the world, including South Africa, will have no further trust in the methods they are using in the name of Jewish liberation," he said.

South Africa has historically supported the Palestinian liberation movements -- former president Nelson Mandela had previously compared Israel to the apartheid state and just last week ANC deputy secretary-general Jessie Duarte compared Israel to Nazi Germany.

"We have no apology because our statement says the truth about how we feel about Israel," ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa said.

"Israel at the moment is using what is called the missiles and its power because, behind it, it&39;s supported by big states such as the USA."

Today&39;s protesters now want Israeli ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk, expelled. They’re also calling for a boycott of Israeli exports, divestment and international sanctions.

But Zionists maintain Israel is simply defending itself from a barrage of missiles being fired across its borders.

Zev Krengel from the South African Jewish Board of Deputies says: "I urge the South African government, I urge the world, to put pressure on Hamas to stop the rocket attacks."

As Israel escalates its ground offensive in Gaza, so too will protests around the world.

But the Jewish Board of Deputies maintains that expelling the Israeli ambassador will only stop dialogue and further delay a resolution to a bitter war, which started long before almost everyone here was born.