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Job Title:
Reporter: Cape Town
Job Vacancy type:
Head of Input
Closing date:
Key Performance Areas

The purpose of this role is to file package inserts and do live crossings on current affairs issues. 

1.Conducting Interviews
•Arranging and preparing for interviews. 
•Briefing camera operator and interviewee timeously. 
•Conducting preliminary telephonic interviews. 
•Asking probing follow-up questions 
•Ensuring interviews with a variety of voices.

2.Writing Scripts
•Writing scripts in line with visuals.
•Providing a shot list with all scripts.
•Checking facts with relevant stakeholders. 
•Writing content for online.
•Providing video for online
•Ensuring stories are accurate and unbiased.

3.Conducting Research
•Generating unique story ideas.
•Checking electronic media (wires), social media and articles of interest.
•Checking archives for specified and appropriate visuals.
•Developing own contact base to help generate story ideas.

•Breaking stories. 
•Packaging content for on-air. 
•Conducting live and on camera interviews that are hard-hitting and probing.
•Conducting live reports from the field ensuring accuracy and objectivity.
•Ensuring stories have depth and quality.
•Doing in-studio lives that are professional and informative.
•Providing the news desk with updates on stories.
•Adhering to story deadlines. 
•Ensuring good communication with Assignments, sub-editors and news desk.

Key Performance Indicators :
1.Reporting guidelines are adhered to on a daily basis relating to all content provided for TV, on-line and social media
2.Reporter provides strong, in-depth content that is of superior journalistic quality and complies with all journalistic ethics and editorial standards 
3.Reporter abides by the editorial and other company policies
4.Reporter is versatile on a range of subjects
5.Reporter is punctual
6.Reporter does thorough research 


Education: Relevant Television Qualification
Languages: Business English 
Experience: A minimum 3 years relevant experience 

Specific Professional Competencies: 
•Thorough understanding of South African and global news and current affairs
•Good understanding of on-line
•Ability to report for TV
•Strong writing skills 
•Planning skills
•Organising skills
•Decision-making skills
•Interpersonal skills
•Communication skills
•Coping under pressure
•Conflict handling skills
•Problem Solving Skills

Job Applications

Please Note: Only shortlisted applicants who meet the criteria will be contacted. If you have not received a response within 14 days after closing of the advert, please accept that your application was not successful.

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