Journalists officially the biggest coffee addicts


Pure powdered caffeine, which is being sold in bulk over the Internet, is known to have killed at least one teenager.

JOHANNESBURG - Journalists and media staff are officially the biggest coffee addicts in the professional world.

Teachers drink more coffee than plumbers, and journalists gulp the most of all.

A fresh cup of aromatic coffee in the morning is how millions of us start our working day. If you can&39;t get in gear without one, you&39;re not alone.

Out of the 10 000 professionals who were included in a survey conducted by Pressat, 85% said they drink at least three cups of coffee a day, and nearly 70% admitted that their working ability would be affected without a daily mug of coffee.

It seems that drinking coffee is a necessity on the job in a wide variety of professions.

The highest consumers, sinking over four cups daily, were those with stressful careers: journalists consumed the most, followed closely by police officers and teachers.

Could it be that being overstretched or working late pushed the workforce to consume more caffeine?

I have at least twenty cups a day and three of those are before I leave the house for work!

People are affected by caffeine in different ways. Some people are more sensitive to its properties than others and have to adjust their intake as a result.

Recent research carried out by the University of South Carolina has found that the daily recommended dose should not exceed 200mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to two mugs or four cups of coffee.

Consuming copious amounts of coffee just to get through the stresses and strains of a working day can cause increased risk to your health, from strokes to anxiety, and right through to heart problems, although the survey found that 62% of workers were not aware of the health risks.

On average the survey found that men drink more coffee than women but only slightly more at 5%.

Coffee is a staple in many people&39;s daily routine. If you walk past one of the big chains, you will no doubt witness the caffeine-deprived hot-tailing through the doors, as noted by Max Forrest at Pressat.

Coffee addict Charlier who is the Face of The Globe North East 2014 and works in the insurance industry said, “I have at least twenty cups a day and three of those are before I leave the house for work!”

Here are the ten top professions for coffee drinking, according to the survey:

  1. Journalists and media staff
  2. Police officers
  3. Teachers
  4. Plumbers and trade workers
  5. Nurses and medical staff
  6. Company executives
  7. Telesales
  8. IT technical support
  9. Retail staff
  10. Drivers

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