Freed Somali hostages soak up the sun after four years of 'hell'


Former hostage Golam Mostafa hugs the UN Hostage Support Programmes John Steed. Steed helped secure the release of the 11 men who were held hostage by Somali pirates for almost 4 years. They were rescued on June 7, 2014.

NAIROBI - Aman Kumar and the 10 other men, freed after almost four years of being held hostage by Somali pirates, went on a safari in Kenya before going home.

The open-topped car, fresh air and feeling of freedom were beyond exhilirating for Kumar.

Speaking to eNCA, he said: "Too happy. I feel too happy today. I can see animals, we are visiting with colleagues in the safari park. I never thought this day would come in my life. My heart still feels like I’m dreaming these things. I cannot believe (it)."

This view has been a long time coming for him.

Watch more on this story in the gallery above, where you can also see pictures of their day of liberation.

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