5 ways to nurse a hangover


"Creme Soda fizzy drink"

JOHANNESBURG - Pounding head. Dry mouth. Nausea. Self-pity. This is how 2018 has started for many who partied the new year in.

Here are some non-scientifically-proven ways to cope:

5. Hair of the dog

Drinking still more alcohol may, at best, delay the inevitable. The National Health Service in England advises against it, saying that after a heavy-drinking session you should give your body a break from booze for at least 48 hours.

4. The green ambulance

Many South Africans swear by creme/cream soda. Or Sprite, which Chinese research has found some support for.

3. Green juice smoothie

This one is from the Livestrong website. Ingredients include apple, lemon (including the peel), celery, parsley, mint and ginger. If you like add a handful each of kale and spinach. The juice combats nausea and reportedly has anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, vasodilation and antioxidant properties. 

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2. Toast

If you can&39;t stomach even the idea of a big greasy breakfast try a piece of toast. If nothing else, it will help raise your blood sugar level, reducing tiredness and irritability.

1. Go back to bed

The year will still be new when you wake up.