7de Laan responds to interracial kiss backlash

The Afrikaans soapie has responded to it's decision to include an interracial kiss between two characters in it's story line.

Twitter / @7delaan

JOHANNESBURG - 7de Laan creators are calling for an end to hate speech.

An interracial kiss between actress Carina Nel (Alexa) and Nicholas Nkuna (Fikani) sparked racist comments from some fans who thought it was inappropriate.

In a statement released on Twitter, the Afrikaans soapie creators said they would not tolerate any hate speech or racism from anyone, including the public or the media.

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"As much as we respect our viewers’ right to voice their opinion, 7de Laan will not tolerate hate speech, racism or instigation of such narratives by any member of the public or media.", reads the statement.

The show believes it is important to reflect what is happening in the country and that includes love that knows no gender or race.

"It is our responsibility to show that art emulates life and in so doing 7de Laan shows the normality of the fact that love knows no age, gender or race."