Fewer South Africans tying the knot, divorce rate rockets!

Here to talk more about this is relationship expert, Paula Quinsee. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Fewer people in South Africa are getting married as the divorce rate rockets according to the latest figures from Statistics South Africa.

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"Particularly with the younger generation... a lot of them are opting to experience life first, for example taking gap years, going overseas then coming back... then choosing to get financially stable first.. potentially also looking at saving up money to buy homes before they walk down the aisle together," said Paula Quinsee, a relationship expert.

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"A lot of couples are opening up to new ways of living together not necessarily getting married... that doesn't mean they are less committed to each other. There are a lot of couples that are living together but have a legal contract or a partnership contract from a legal perspective", Quinsee said . 

Numbers also show people are waiting longer before they walk down the aisle.