Abracadabra: Remember the legends this World Magic Day

JOHANNESBURG - It's a day when tricks, spells and the supernatural take centre stage.

It's Halloween, but it's also World Magic Day.

It marks the anniversary of the death of arguably the world's most famous magician, Houdini.

Houdini was known for his escape acts.



Some of the world's best magicians were inspired by the great Houdini.

Here are some of their greatest illusions:

David Copperfield is arguably the world's most successful magician with 11 world records.


Magician Dynamo can levitate and walk on water.


Criss Angel's Las Vegas show became the bestselling in the world.


And then there's David Blaine, who describes himself as the greatest magician who ever lived.

To perform some tricks of his own, magician Wian van den Berg joined the Morning News Today team.