Culinary favourite Gatsby gets academic treatment

The humble Gatsby, a Capetonian culinary favourite has been turned into a topic of an academic study. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The humble Gatsby, a Capetonian culinary favourite, has been turned into a topic of an academic study.

Mariam’s is just one of those places that, over decades, have mastered the art of the famous monster cholesterol-laden, take away - The Gatsby

“The Gatsby started out like polony Gatsby now today its gone to another level, steak and most of our Gatsby is steak gatsby, eggs, cheese and chips. What I’ve heard from people, it was more of a poor man’s food but today everybody eats it. Executives to everyday people enjoy this meal. We've been making this Gatsby forever since,” said Mariam's manager, Sha Mia.

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Masters graduate, Tazneem Wentzel has used her love of history and food as the basis of her thesis.

It centres around the evolution of Cape Town's signature super sandwich.

Her research delves into the dish’s political history and culinary heritage.

“I chose to write about the Gatsby and the shopper because these are things that I grew up with. These are things I am familiar with. I thought it will also be quite fun to see what is the history about. These food forms that we consume quite often sometimes take for granted the deep histories that are actually embedded in the food that we eat,” she said.


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