Africans Unite organisers clarify Burna Boy inclusion in concert

Mbewenhle Moloi from Phambili Media clears allegations that the Department of Arts and Culture is organising the Africa Unite Concert. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - Mbewenhle Moloi from Phambili Media has refuted allegations that the Department of Arts and Culture is organising the Africans Unite concert.

Moloi said the company is responsible for organising the concert that will have Burna Boy as the headline act.

"I would like to clarify allegations that we are funded by the sports, arts and culture department, no we are not funded by them.

There were engagement of endorsements in terms of amplifying the Africans Unite Concert since they are an Arts and Culture department", said Moloi.

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Earlier this week, the Tshwane Entertainment Collective penned a letter to the Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa to object Burna Boy's inclusion at the anti-xenophobic concert.

In September, Burna Boy caused a stir on social media after saying he would boycott the country because his fellow Nigerians were being treated badly.

"On the Burna Boy matter, Burna Boy was one of the artists that was very active on social media when the scourge in the xenophobic attacks was happening so it was a no brainer to choose him to headline the concert.

Because as the President had said, we as South African residents need to take action and do something to unite Africans", added