An apartment full of African art

web_photo_Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards has been gathering the artefacts for decades and keeping them at home. But now he wants his collection to reach a wider audience.

JOHANNESBURG - Eric Edwards, a Brooklyn native, has spent the last couple of year collecting over 2000 African artworks, from a 4000 year-old Nubian head, a Nigerian palace drum to a Cameroonian Bamaliki helmet.

A former telecom&39;s executive, Edwards houses these works in his apartment in Brooklyn.

His wish, however, is to build a Cultural Museum of African Art (CMAA), where these works can be kept and exhibited.

He has spent over 44 years amassing his collection.

To realise his dream of building the CMAA, Edwards has taken to kickstarter to raise funds and has created a short documentary about his art.

See above video to know more.

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