Basetsana Kumalo dragged after old interview with Zozibini Tunzi resurfaces

Cape Town contestants Daniel Richards & Zozibini Tunzi were fortunate enough to interview legendary South African presenter & philanthropist Basetsana Kumalo during their second masterclass workshop.

JOHANNESBURG - Media mogul Basetsana Kumalo caused outrage on social media after an old interview with Zozibini Tunzi resurfaced on Wednesday.

The interview was part of a range of exercises done by contestants during the Presenter Search on 3 competition.

Kumalo was interviewed by Tunzi and her partner Daniel Richards about her journey leading up to being crowned Miss South Africa in 1994.

In the viral video, Tunzi introduces Kumalo before asking her how she wanted to be addressed.

"I am so excited to introduce you today to, mama, sisi, Basetsana Kumalo, I do not what to call you", said Tunzi.

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Kumalo responded by reminding Zozibini that she could be as old as her mother.

“You gotta call me Mama B darling, I’m as old as your mother probably,” said Kumalo.

Tunzi then reflected on the impact of Kumalo's reign as Miss SA on her life before asking her what her thought process was during the Miss SA competition in 1994.

“Well, I mean, train of thought… It’s a very strange question, by the way, to ask somebody ‘what was your train of thought?’ but anyway, let me indulge you,” said Kumalo.

Many people on Twitter described Kumalo's responses as "rude" and "condescending", while others defended her and said it was part of the show.