Cape Town gallery seeks to preserve indigenous art

Khoi San Art

The Koena Art Institute wants to showcase artworks by indigenous artists

CAPE TOWN - A new gallery is helping celebrate and preserve indigenous art.

The Koena Art institute in Observatory, Cape Town, has become the perfect place for Khoi and San artists from across the country to finally have a space to showcase their work.

The Institute, which operates as a non-profit, has been selling art online since 2018. This is, however, the first time that the public can view the pieces in person.

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For founder, Lukretia Booysen, having the pieces be seen in public means so much more.

"This is a space of healing for our people who have been hurt historically," she says.

"It is a space of growing and we want everyone to grow with us." The gallery is open to the public for free from Monday to Thursday.

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The Koena Art Institute has a busy few months ahead, from hosting cultural exchanges to teaching N!uu language classes. Founder Booysen also plans to grow the space, to provide opportunities to even more Khoi San artists.


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