Climate scientists warn Australian fires could be the norm

Fire-ravaged Australia has launched a major operation to reach thousands of people stranded in seaside towns after deadly bushfires ripped through popular tourist areas on New Year's Eve.


SYDNEY - Climate scientists warn that massive wildfires could become the norm if rising emissions of greenhouse gases continue.

Bushfires ravaging Australia have provided a taste of what might come.

Scientists are urging rapid curbing of greenhouse gases being pumped into the air.

A review of 57 scientific papers published since 2013 suggested clear man-made climate change.

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The review found that climate change had led to an increase in the frequency and severity of bushfires.

Scientists say Australia is vulnerable because its land area has warmed more than the global average.

Meteorologists say global temperatures could increase 3 to 5 degrees Celsius this century if nothing is done.

Bushfires have killed dozens of people in Australia.