South Africans ask: What is a Combi Court?

In an audio recording Gauteng Sport and Recreation MEC Faith Mazibuko can be heard demanding the construction of combi courts. Photo: Twitter / @PhilaJMadondo.

JOHANNESBURG - Gauteng Sport and Recreation MEC Faith Mazibuko's audio recording had several South Africans reaching for their dictionaries.

In the leaked recording, Mazikbuko can be heard telling staff members that they must fast-track the delivery of "combi courts" ahead of the elections.

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"I want those combi courts. Even if you have to construct them with your own hands, I want those courts ... if it means you go fly magic, you better do it," she was heard saying in an audio recording. 

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So what is a combi court?

Combi courts are described as sporting courts that cater to more than one sporting code, including netball, tennis, volleyball, and basketball.

Many people left stumped by the term thanked the minister for introducing them to a new word.