COVID-19 halts Kaapse Klopse parade

It’s a colourful sight that many look forward to. The Kaapse Klopse - as they are commonly known - have filled the streets of Cape Town with the biggest parade of minstrels dancing and singing in brightly coloured costumes. But as with many things, COVID-19 stopped them in their tracks too. eNCA's Tanya Nefdt reports. Courtesy #DStv403

CAPE TOWN - It’s the time of year when the Mother City comes alive with its annual Kaapse Klopse parade. 

The carnival is known to draw musicians, performers and many vendors hoping to sell their goods on the day.  

But that isn’t the case this year, as the fourth COVID-19 wave takes the spring out of their step for the second year in a row.

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The cancellation of the old traditional parade means the loss of business for many seamstresses and vendors who would make some money on the day.  

Many relying on selling their goods at festivals like these are now staring at empty stands and pockets 

* eNCA's Tanya Nefdt reports.


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