Day 1 of eNCA's 12 Days of Crazy

Marillier day 1 cocroaches

Michael Marillier is spending the day getting up close and personal with a variety of creepy crawlies. 

JOHANNESBURG - eNCA has issued a 12 day challenge to our reporters. They'll have to do something bonkers every day for the next 12 days. Why, not: it's the silly season after all. 


In Michael Marillier's first crossing, he meets Sofia, a red tail boa. 

As part of eNCA's 12 Days of Crazy, Michael Marillier watches as officials from Croc City collect crocodile eggs.

Yellow anaconda at Croc City in Johannesburg

Nicccceeee to meeeet you. A yellow anaconda at Croc City in Johannesburg. 

eNCA / Michael Marillier

eNCA's Michael Marillier gets up close - very close - with a yellow anaconda at Croc City. 

Crocodile pizza at Croc City

Anyone for some crocodile pizza? eNCA's Michael Marillier prepares to tuck in to this treat, as part of eNCA's 12 Days of Crazy series. 

eNCA / Michael Marillier