Designer Vuyo Dlamini creating patterns for success

The fashion business is a highly competitive one. It's constantly evolving and competing with new players. Courtesy #DStv403

JOHANNESBURG - The fashion business is a highly competitive one and it is constantly evolving and competing with new players.

Fashion business owner Vuyo Dlamini says her holistic approach has helped her become a leader in the industry.

"You do need a good head and a good heart. You need to have passion for this business. You also need to know your cloth, that basic knowledge is important and you can't go without it.

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"You also need to be understanding of what South African women are looking for and also what is not there and then fill that gap", said Dlamini.

Dlamini says research and adaptability are the key to ensuring that one stays ahead of the game in the industry.

"I have learned in the five years that I have been in the industry, that people want custom made clothing. They go to shops and don't find what they want and for the longest time I was sitting with stock that no one wanted and that is when I had to adapt and make clothes."