Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an odyssey


Smooth yet complex, delicate but strong, bold yet subtle. Each drop of Hennessy X.O opens a new door to hidden facets of intensity and sophistication. With eaux-de-vie carefully selected and aged for a long time, the result is a cognac that is bold, rich and undeniably rare. 

The patient aging process of the eaux-de-vie that create Hennessy X.O gives rise to an instant sensorial journey eliciting unimaginable emotions and unexpected sensations. It is a result of fine craftsmanship that offers a continual revelation of layered flavours whether enjoyed neat, on ice or with a splash of still or sparkling water. 

X.O is an experience of greatness that awakens the senses through the gentle curve of its bottle, as well as with its rich texture and irrefutable refinement. Each element is intended to delight and celebrate luxuriousness. 

The epitome of pleasure, it leaves the palate awash with luscious sensations. This elaborate cognac is an invitation to an organoleptic odyssey, which reveals the complexity of the human palate and brings taste to the forefront. It emphasizes the richness and diversity of the aromas that comprise X.O, unveiling a unique tastescape marked by flowing flames, wood crunches, chocolate lull and spicy edge; various chapters of flavour that recount the singularity of this fine cognac. 

With each sip of Hennessy X.O, a new place is discovered, a distinct sensation felt and an extraordinary story shared. The X.O Odyssey is an unparalleled experience that leaves a lasting impression, like an infinite echo. Hennessy X.O. 

Don’t wait to experience greatness.