Ellen wants to hook Trevor Noah up with a Kardashian

CALIFORNIA - Daily Show host and comedian Trevor Noah could be joining the Kardashian family soon.

While appearing on the latest episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Noah played the popular game "Who'd You Rather?" where he revealed that he had always wanted to date a Kardashian.

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"I would have always loved to date a Kardashian, just for like a week, just to be in that world.

"I want to be on the show, I want to be in the game. I want to be a Kardashian, just for a little bit", said Noah. 

Ellen then told Trevor that she could hook him up with a Kardashian, adding that he should let her know when he is ready to meet them.

"I'm friendly with them, if you would like to be on the show or hang out with them, I can arrange that," said Ellen.