Africa's first School of Rock opens in Cape Town


With Africa's first world-renowned School of Rock opening its doors in Cape Town, kids dreams of being rock stars could become reality.

CLAREMONT, Cape Town - The world-renowned School of Rock has opened its doors in Cape Town. 

For some kids, their dream of becoming rock stars could now become a reality.

Dubbed the world&39;s most popular music school with over 150 franchises across the world, the School of Rock inspires students of all ages to rock on and off stage.

With this, its first African school, youngsters aged  between six and twelve will be able to get their first taste of rock, although the school is open to everyone, young and old!

Managing Director Keith Tauber said, "Essentially school of rock teaches music concepts through the stage, so we put on shows every quarter where we teach the various concepts where the other school do it the exactly the opposite way around, we find it keeps the students and members engaged, and people don&39;t lose interest when they find they&39;re able to master a song in a few months."

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