Bill Cosbys accuser grilled for alleged inconsistencies in story

web_photo_Bill Cosby_07062017

Actor and comedian Bill Cosby attends the third day of his sexual assault trial at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown.

LOS ANGELES - Alleged sex-assault victim Andrea Constand remained calm on the witness stand on Wednesday morning as a lawyer for legendary entertainer Bill Cosby tried through painstaking cross-examination to poke holes in her claim that Cosby drugged and then molested her at his home outside Philadelphia in early 2004.

During a morning of questioning, lawyer Angela Agrusa focused on statements Constand gave to police more than a year after the alleged assault and highlighted a number of phone calls the woman made to Cosby even after the alleged assault occurred.

The defence contends that there was a consensual romantic relationship between Cosby and Constand, and Agrusa noted that phone records showed that she had called him twice on Valentine’s Day, which would have been the month after she said the assault took place.

“You knew that Mr Cosby was married, right?” asked Agrusa.

“Yes,” replied Constand.

Constand acknowledged that she had initially told police that the incident had occurred in mid-March, while during her testimony Tuesday, she said it had happened sometime in approximately January 2004.

“I was mistaken,” said Constand, 44, now a massage therapist in Toronto.

She also admitted that she returned to Cosby’s Elkins Park home, which is just outside Philadelphia, after the alleged assault had taken place, even bringing him a gift of bath salts.

“So you were coming to meet the man who had assaulted you, and you were bringing him bath salts?” asked Agrusa.

“Yes,” replied Constand, though she said the bath salts were not from her but from a friend.